Saturday, July 04, 2009

Like an american teenager...

Oh if only it were that simple...

...but anyways while im on the UPR back in the day tip

dei hamo international...1993

and here he is again, still in the game, still talkin the same... officially the worlds oldest teenager, throwing down another one of his uber catchy hooks and trademark cloned american steez over a stonkin, analog key fuelled, crunkin dirty south, booty bassin beat by talented new kid on the block producer yorel

luv the guitar lead break eh, good shit cuzzies!!!

I knew there was a reason i liked hiphop and r'n'b but i didnt need some clever White chick to explain it to me...heh

The appropriation, transformation and realization
of contemporary r‘n’b with hip hop
by urban Pasifika groups in Aotearoa

Kirsten Zemke-White

This paper will first give a brief cultural context of hip hop and its meanings in Aotearoa. The relationship and nature of hip hop and r‘n’ b at its point of origin (in America) is explored showing how the two pop genres are intimately related historically and musically, in Aotearoa and in the United States. From the Pacific community and media, a contemporary [Poly] ‘Nesian Style’ is evolving which utilises this creative and cultural combination. Many of the key Aotearoa ‘Nesian’ styles and artists are introduced, citing their songs, musical influences, and Pacific themes. This outline of artists supports the notion of r‘n’b as contemporary local cultural expression and, alongside hip hop, as a ‘Nesian Style’...

...seriously, it's kinda unnerving to have lived it and still living, yet be put in some goldfish bowl about it and written about like some stuffed zoo animal. As though preserved for posterity in the annals of academia for purely observational purposes.

Then again it must be weird for the author too, looking in and not really feeling what its like to be hiphop in aotearoa with an a r'n'b gangsta lean...

what can i say ???

...we're just products of the environment and we tend to empathise a lot:)

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