Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dead cars

As much as i'd like to be able to frame a shot on film with just the right settings using decent gear then develop it accordingly, it's just not gonna happen...

...shopping it digitally on a shit camera gives the amateur that i am, an option to fix things in post production.

after all its more about seeing something and having something to say about a subject with the final image looking good by any means neccessary...isnt it ???

...something i photographed on a whim at a work site and possibly the start of a series of 'dead cars'

it's weird, but when you come across an object out of place and time you cant help but wonder how it got there, where it was made, who made it and what was its function ???

...sometime in a post apocalyptic future, will eloi type people wonder the same about all the junk they find which we're currently hiding in the earth and sea ???

with vehicles in odd places well past their use by date, i imagine its a case of the final owner adopting an 'out of sight, out of mind' attitude...

...what struck me about the scene i stumbled across was the truck, the bit of house framing leaning against it, the gorse, the pine, the cell tower in the background, even the grass are all symbolic of transplanted colonial technology and industry here in New Zealand that in due time have/will become out of control or just plain obsolete but are slowly being assimilated back into the natural order...

...it's kinda whats happened/happening here with the colonial mindset and populace as well and maybe ultimately what will happen to us as a species on this planet :)

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