Monday, June 29, 2009

Just cant stop lovin...chong nee

...not in a gay way but for the music he makes:)

From his days as half of AKA brown...

baby we can do it

...and his involvement with urban pacific records

the river - UPR

which incidentally is the best cover of a dave dobbyn track you will ever hear and featuring the iconic gelfling himself

to his sublime 2006 album, 'Just gettin by on Love' featuring this gem... the new collaboration with Pieter T,

cant stop lovin you

the man just brings the goods each and everytime !!! while everyone is saluting the death of the king of pop/r'n'b, I'm saluting living, reigning kiwi r'n'b/pop royalty

just hope Chong Nee doesnt pass away too soon like his mentor Phil Fuemana and gets all the shine he deserves while he's still alive to enjoy the fruits of it

Phil, by the way was a wise man who once said...

"I am pretty sure that most of us - like me, in our mid-to-late thirties - we remember what our parents gave up for us ... The shit that they had to go through was unbelievable. They had the whole dawn raid thing. My Dad got put in prison 'cause they thought he was Samoan overstayer.

I remember walking into a shop and him getting chased and running away. Cops running past us and grabbing him. I was just standing there - I was probably about seven, just watching this go down and thinking 'what tha?' He came back a few hours later, but that distress, it makes you think of that Bowling in Columbine movie - living in fear. Now, whenever I walk into a restaurant, everyone's all - 'fuck I'd better watch out' - ya know? I'm the last person to bloody beat you up. Probably some other dopey egg is gonna do it. Like I wanna jeopardise my life like that - but that's the way it's perceived ...

When me and my crew started out in the music biz we never wanted to save the world. We didn't say - 'let's save everyone, lets lead the way for PIs' - fuck off! We were trying to make money and dissing everyone else along the way - 'they're fuckin' useless, we'll do a better R'n'B track than them, we'll do a better hip hop track than them.' We were as arrogant as anyone else, but that's what happens on nearly all projects that are inspirational to people - they just happen. They're driven and then you think - fuck I'm gonna be like that.

Now I read an article in Real Groove and Andy [Murnane, from Dawnraid] mentions me and I remember it was Andy's job carrying the bags - he was just this white guy, who was Danny's mate and now he's one of the leading hip hop innovators for our country. I didn't even know him. That's what inspiration is - him and Danny have gone on to inspire heaps of people ... Some people in the media did used to pick on us because they thought we were trying to be American, but then they'd fuckin' eat KFC and McDonalds like everyone else. But all they saw was these brownies - who are perceived to be the ones who do all the trouble - choosing a genre that's equal to trouble in the States.

I wouldn't even believe what you hear from the States. I mean, there's probably a million times more black people not into hip hop, ya know? There 's a whole heap of black people in the US who are middle class and they probably like country music or soul music ... So as far as that argument about us in the media - it just seems like something to look at ... At the same time, we're lucky because as PIs, our hip hop does have a PI flavour and gives us a unique point of difference.

And in the end, as Kiwis - whether that be Coconuts, Maoris, Pakehas, or whatever - we have our flavour and that's gonna be what gets us to wherever we're going . And I am happy with how things have turned out over the years, because these days I can look at the charts and see a group like Nesian Mystik on there and I know it 's been worthwhile.

It's definitely all good."

so yeah, props to nesian mystic !!!

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