Friday, May 01, 2009

All hail the let's feast on the cannibal!

King Cannibal has a nice ring to it and the moniker more than suits the ferocity and savagery of his beats. Of course cannibals need not neccessarily be savage or fierce. They could be total geeks who have taken extreme porn to the next level.

Seeing as how there didn't seem to be anything geeky or pornographic about him, i had to ask...

...ever fancied yourself as a porn star and thought up a typically porn star name ?

Porn star names, i hate that shit. Wasn't the idea of that originally invented by scammers to find out peoples pass word (as road names / pet names are the most common things people use for passwords)?

uhh how many names did you go thru before you settled on king cannibal, a few i bet

Originally i was using the name 'ZILLA' and had a few releases under that name. I then fell in love with drum & bass again after picking up a second hand copy of Ed Rush & Nico's Technology 12", and incorporated some sounds in to my music, coming up with something a lot harder.

I also discovered an awful band had started using it in the U.S and our discography and online identities were getting continually mixes up. This was worrying and the name 'ZILLA' was starting to grate with me , so i thought it'd be a good time to change up. It (king cannibal) came about just through words that sounded good together and ones that didn't through up lots of shit in google.

With whatever name you choose, after a couple of months the words kind of lose all original meaning anyway. Still the name sort of primes people for the music i produce, the only down side is people will always read darkness in to whatever style of music i produce.

yeah like, whats with that album cover with the wormlike shit ?

The Virgo sleeve?

yeah, it reminds me of trichonosis, a nasty pig worm thats not good for humans and kinda relevent in these fearful times of swine flu.

That was done by Openmind, Strictly Kev's (Dj Food) design alias. I love it, i need a big poster of it blown up for my wall. Its poster paint squirted in to water and photographed before it started to cloud up.

Seriously who comes up with these wack names. bird flu, swine flu, sars, aids etc...

Swine flu? Oh man - i think after Jade Goody finally passing away it left a swine shaped hole on the tabloid front pages, lucky for them this came along.

...and while on the subject of pork, i dont dine on the swine eh, havent for about 17 yrs. anything else is fair game tho and in extreme circumstances i'd surely eat human. what about you?

Wow man, you write for Music Week right? lol. I guess it would depend on what bits you ate. I'm sure Eli Roth is already on it, possibly with a 9 1/2 Weeks remake

so given the choice of die or eat your freshly dead mother would you ?

Eat my freshly dead mother though? Yeah sure its what she would have wanted. it me being weird again or is there something mildly erotic about eating your dead mother. so do you eat meat and whats your favourite dish?

Yeah i'm a big meat eater, for me food is mostly a functional thing. I'm not in to the whole food culture.

On the whole if you was to measure my palette in terms of IQ i'd have severe learning difficulties. Its pretty embarrassing i have to say.

It annoys me how much of our media concentrates on the food programming. You can have a run or 2 or 3 cookery shows on a channel all priding themselves on finding only the very best ingredients from all corners of the world often hand reared and killed by the chef in question, hours of this stuff

very next show "ladies and gentlemen The Sugarbabes" ?

- fck it, lets give them the turkey twisler music, they eat that shit straight out of the trough.


mmmmm...sounds yummy, I'll have a double helping thanks!!!

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