Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...something completely DFRNT

umm maybe not...

...see I'm kinda paranoid about being too visible online. I mean, forget big brother finding shit about you and constant surveillance cos most people offer up more voluntarily on myspazz than 'the man' could ever find out.

others dont seem to have that problem, like maker of deep and thoughtful tunes DFRNT.

and yeah you know the deal...

send me sum beats and i'll ask you sum stupid questions...whaddayareckon???

yeah sure, whythahell not eh. Grab me on AIM or MSN

choice...but i dont got no msn or aim.

ha ha line with that, how much of a tool is the internet for you in your day or music job, like would you miss it if you couldn't be constantly aware of who you know is online and can chat instantly with them?

The internet is a massive part of what I do – I’m a web designer by day. Without it, I’d have to actually speak to people, you know… like face to face and stuff and be some sort of cowering mess of a bloke, wetting himself on the bus, and staring at people in the street like a weirdo. you ever scored a root off some random using that social networking stuff ?

interestingly enough I met my fiancĂ©e through the internet. She found me on MySpace, we hooked up – and now we’re living together

hmmmm...and is that Edinburgh in the header pic off your site? If it is, does that make you scottish?...or not, cos you may have moved there for other reasons like...ummm fucked if i know really

It's one of those places i've always wanted to visit tho cos it looks old and crusty and i love discovering old crusty shit...

...and also cos here in NZ we got a place called Dunedin ,which is close to where i was born, often called 'the edinburgh of the south' and is named for the original.

Yeah, the header picture is Edinburgh – it was a photo I took from the top of Calton Hill, after a bit of a session one night.

It’s a beautiful city and in fact Edinburgh used to be called ‘Dunedin’.

I’ve lived here for most of my life and there’s plenty old and crusty here for real

I hope you dont mind if i imagine your posts being spoken in a scottish brogue then:) and while on the subject of language.

Why drop the vowels for DFRNT? that like an ogam, runic or celtic thing cos i remember early rock inscriptions from wayyyy back in the day doing the same and that made it hard for ethnocrypotologists to decipher exactly what they said.

Well I used to produce as “Alex C” but these euro-raver-twats used to send me emails all the time thinking I was the cheesy trance producer of the same name, so I had to find something different for the Dubstep productions.

I figured ‘Different’ was a decent enough name, but preferred the way ‘DFRNT’ looked on paper, and it’s always been capitalized.

One day I’ll come up with a brilliant acronym to fit. Something like
“Do Foxes Really Need Teeth” – but a bit more music orientated no-doubt.

I remember thinking of it then dreading that somebody might eventually ask me “why did you choose DFRNT” and I’d be totally lost for chat.

...i suppose music is a language too, so to equate it to your tunes, what is it you're trying to say and with it do you imagine you're speaking deferential high language to an educated audience or street slang to the homies ???

The message from DFRNT doesn’t really say anything in particular,
but I do tend to make music more destined for headphones and mp3 players than I do for the club, although slowly that’s starting to change.

I’ve never really felt down with the kids to be honest.I don’t want to talk down to anyone mind you – I don’t think music’s about that.

Music feels more like a common ground. Something that can allow everyone to connect on a similar level, as opposed to thinking “oh, that’s a bit posh for me” or whatever.

haha nice...and i suppose you've met kode 9 yeah ?... maybe even supported him on a gig? Talk about music as a weapon, that dude could drive a guy to suicide with his hi brow rants alone...heh

Actually I've never met Steve. I missed him last time he was in Glasgow (recently) Only spoken to him once, and it was fairly brief. He's a mysterious guy.

I think his music serves as a source of inspiration for alot of people, and Hyperdub is pushing the sounds of what many people consider to be dubstep in to different areas - which is fine by me and I'm not really familiar with any of his rants


...just as well cos, like me, you'd probably have a hard time understanding them;)

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