Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Fella!!!

uhhh...make that Phaeleh...

In aboriginal culture, your skill in life determines your adult name. Up until then you're pretty much just boy/girl.

Going by that, i'd call phaeleh 'sublime bristol bassbeats' and proceeded to hit him up for a q&a about beats and shit...

So what does your mum call you and is it hard living up to that whole 'bristol bass' thing?

...glad you reckon i could get away with 'sublime bristol bassbeats'.

I reckon theres quite a lot of others in bristol more worthy of the name (RSD i'm looking at you especially) and you're gonna be disappointed with (my) actual name, which is Matt

It's cool being in bristol tho cause there is an awesome scene, but unfortunately, like anywhere i think you really have to be within certain circles to reap the benefits of it.

do you know banksy?

nah, tho i did see a half done thing of his on a roundabout once, guess i could have waited to see who showed up...

ever done it yourself, tagging or a bit of graf that is?

not too artistic, so that's less up my street

and uh what's with the funny spelling, i read phaeleh and read it as fail eh:) is that like a greek demigod or something?

greek demigod is in the right area :)

I needed a new name a few years ago, and always liked making up new words for tunes back then, so did the same for the name...

Kinda fell in love with the way names were spelt in greek mythology (i did classics at school). basically wanted to come up with something with an a and an e next to each other...

...and also needed something which returned nothing on google;) whats your musical background? Failed d'n'b producer or maybe unemployed audio engineer? seems a lot of them end up on the d..step buzz. I bet you play an actual instrument or studied some shit...yeah ?

It's a mixture really, played a fair few instruments but guitar was my main one. studied that more than anything else, though only use it to teach and for the occasional use on a tune or for session work.

In terms of electronic stuff i mainly produced down tempo electronica, though for live stuff would do more dnb/garage/ravey stuff, kinda combined the 2 to end up with phaeleh!

you do have a lot of questions

just tell me to fuck off if you had enough. I get that a lot eh:)

don't mind them in small doses;) is there a question you'd love to be asked which you've got an awesome answer to? Like you stayed up blazed as one night figuring out the answer to life, the universe and everything but if you just spit it out unsolicited it'd sound all pretentious wank like ?

afraid i don't really have any questions i'm waiting to be asked, tho i'm sure something will spring to mind by the time i've sent this.


sweet, but i prolly wont be interested by then...heh

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