Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three V's please...

If the ghost of 2step, that will bevan so eloquently buried in sth london, were reincarnated. It would be born again in austin texas as VVV and sound like this...

...so on gettin some free 320's, i hit him up online and as you do, asked a few dumb questions.

cheers for the tune...mind if i ask a few dumb questions ?

1 or 2 dumb ones i can handle. shoot.

...is there like a UKgarage appreciation scene that spawned you or is there something in the water down there. I mean, what the fuck is it about texas ??? .

hmmm...well id say there's something in the water here in texas.

I know that the waste water facilities are working harder and stinkier than ever to keep us from growing additional digits on our hands and foreheads...

To be truthful, i'm not sure why i like uk garage and 2-step, it was something that grabbed me by surprise. Dance music in texas has always been popular, it used to be trance and techno...that shit drove me crazy!

I couldn't fathom being into a scene that had raves and parties for shows. Makes me giggle a bit still but around the same time, thanks to a friend, i heard el-b and burial

...so growing up, what were some of the tunes or producers that, with their utter shittiness or perfection, inspired you?

I grew up listening to metal and punk rock for the most part.

I later discovered bands like CAN, Kraftwerk, Magma, Cluster, Goblin, Amon Duul and other records with goofy names. I still love the Stones, Scott Walker, Richard Hell, Roxy Music, the Gun Club, Johnny Thunders, and Iggy Pop.

I spent some time listening to classical and experimental stuff too.
I adore Arvo Part, Erik Satie, Segovia, Luc ferrari, Varese, Xenakis
and others from the outer regions of these genres.

Anyway, bit of a ramble there. As far as dance music influences go, this could take all day, so i'll say a little bit of everything...

...have you ever met george bush?

fuck bush.

ok then...like -Parson, have you been touched by aliens or have you ever thought you've seen a ufo and tried to rationalise it away?

no interviews man, my life's not that interesting:)

hahaha...last dumb question, i promise Cool. Do you have anything interesting to share besides your music, you know, something you'd like to say to the world?

heh i guess not...and on a side note

...my money's on the predator !!!


MikeE said...

Nice will have a listen when I get home. Literally been raiding JB Hi Fi and Real Groovy up here for all their 2Step/Garage stuff.

So desperately want to start a night up here for it!

Gonna start thrashing it on boosh.fm

Anonymous said...

tunes man. effin tunes.