Friday, April 03, 2009

Tig's anti-hiphop rant...

Back in the day i liked nothing more than to go to the political palace of that mecca of all things hiphop, Davey d's site, and wind up the nation of islam acolytes for their strange beliefs...

...there was however a guy on there who went by the name of tig. A moderator of sorts whose opinions were in no way moderate. Given any opportunity he would launch into a tirade on whatever the hell, from 9/11 to hiphop.

Heres one of his better ones i saved for no reason and just found hidden in the dark recesses of a back up hard drive...

This Is What Is Wrong With Our Kids Hip Hop. Not just the obvious negative sh*t but, the whole machine.

It's become a drug and they can't get enough of it - they wake up and turn it on and walk to school with it in their ears and play it on their breaks and listen to it on the way home - everyday.

Worse, when it's NOT playing - they're still hearing it in their minds - rap is contagious like that.

There is something in pounding rhythms that is primal and subliminal and no child can resist it - that's why hip hop is global - even if they can't understand the lyrics, they get the flow and the beat.

I look at how OBSESSED kids are with it.

They no longer listen to their parents or teachers but, Mos Def is a God to them and they know all the lyrics. I'm old enough to know what kids were like BEFORE rap and I'm in horror watching what they've turned into.

And, I see how fiercely they defend rap, it's their Saviour, their God, their church. It's the new revolution.

When we were kids, it was just music. Hip Hop is a cult - driven by the New World Order/Zionists to make our kids stupid. And, it's been working just fine.

Something else - this music does not promote thought or clarity or higher thinking of any kind. It's not mentally stimulating, it's sexually and aggressively stimulating only. The incessant beat just allows you to NOT THINK, just ride the flow.

Classical music DOES open up one's mind to higher thought.

Hip Hop is the new crack.

I watch kids taking that garbage straight to their brains all day, everyday. They don't even know it's not even music, it's beats and loops chewed up and regurgitated from REAL MUSIC.

If they were born after Hip Hop took over, they have no idea that Zionists have been feeding them garbage. The reason rappers get paid so much to do so little is because they help the Illuminati and New World Order causes so perfectly.

Our kids are addicted to it and now many of them are adults and they don't know they've been brain-wash and fed garbage.

This includes many people on this site.

There will be people coming in here wanting to fight what I'm saying here and I'll tell you all right now:

You don't know what you're talking about. If you come in here fighting me it's because you were not here BEFORE rap and you don't know whereof I speak. The only people who will resist what I'm saying will be under 30.

Anyone from the 60's will tell you that rap has transformed our kids into something else and it hasn't been favorable.

People like Tupac would've never gotten any respect in the 60's but, he's one-notch below Jesus as far as hip hoppers are concerned.

Crack used to be the worst thing that ever hit the black community - now, it's turning out to be Hip Hop. Millions and millions of our kids are ingesting the brainrot daily and getting stupider and more aggressive and more sexual and they don't have their minds anymore, all they can hear are the lyrics of some catchy joint.

Subdue a musical people with music - brilliant. We are INDEED "slaves to the rhythm" and just put on a funky beat and our toes start tapping by themselves.

Rap takes it to another level, altogether.

You could teach 10 year olds trigonometry with rap. History, Rocket Science, whatevah.

They proved that with "Schoolhouse Rock" back in the 70's.

But, that's when they decided to make our kids dumber and fatter and addicted to food, sex, and hip hop and they've grown up and now their kids are dumb and fat and addicted.

Hip Hop is being used to cage our minds.

It's the ultimate distraction from profound thought - pounding beats on a subsonic level to rattle the entire brain physically and catchy hooks you CAN'T stop hearing over and over and over in your head LONG after the song is finished.

And, they can't get enough of this escapism.

And, sure, IF it were used to teach AND in moderation, it would be something that added to society.

Unchecked as it is, it has become the new "drug" the new high that is limiting us as a people. We should let the other races kids pound THEIR brains into mush while OUR kids read more and study more and outperform them.

THAT is the only way Hip Hop is going to have any revolutionary use. I really get tired of hearing young people use the term "revolution" and "hip hop" in the same sentence - as if that garbage has ANYTHING to do with positive change.

Then, I have to remember that they ARE young and they were raised when the powers that be were indoctrinating them into the New World Order - where blacks are completely shut down and useless - and, HAPPY about it and too busy WORSHIPPING false Gods like Biggy and Tupac like they made a positive difference in the world at all...


bros onto something or at the very least on something, except i dunno about the jewish conspiracy driven by the illuminati/new world order...

...just seems like hiphop souled out, took the money and ran with it

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