Thursday, April 02, 2009

a hard reset mix

Atmospheric and Dubstep.

Two words bound to pique my interest as i trawled the mix section at dubstepforum. At least someones still giving it a go i thought and thank fuck he didnt put Intelligent and Dubstep...

So heres a quick journey thru myspace land, courtesy of a hard reset selection which reveals international acts coalescing online to form virtual puddles of dubstep all over the show. From texas to canada to holland to croydon even...

Well, what are you waiting for ??? Fill yer boots up and go for a plod. Get some more of that dubstep atmosphere in ya !!!

Something a bit different - chilled and deep, lots of unsigned dubs, etc.


VVV - Émeute
FBOM - Under the Influence
Martyn - Everything About You
Lethem - Highbury Dub
Synkro - Everybody Knows
Hard Reset - Overstanding
Cyrus - Bounty
2562 - Kameleon
Breakage - Callahan
Mundo - Still Stand Rasta
Ramadanman - The Woon
DJ Distance - Delight
Zen Militia - Pull of Guilt
Ital Tek - Deep Pools

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