Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the russkies are coming

As a graphically minded person, i went thru a stage, as everyone does i'm sure, of admiring old russian propaganda posters...

Yup, before the germans took styling and propaganda to new levels with the swastika and the meanest uniforms ever, the russkies made posters that celebrated their revolution. The results seemed to make you want to revolt and comply with whatever 'ism' it was they were pushing, even if you didnt know shit about communism/socialism/marxism/leninism etc etc...

...they were generally, and by choice limited in their colour palette making the artworks stark, bold, cold and wayyyyy cool even by todays puter generated standards

truly a style unto itself worth imitating, so naturally you'd want to give it a bash eh......a work in progress and possibly just the header to something bigger, better, bolder but more probably another t-shirt:)

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