Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mata Ariki - In the Eyes of Gods & Chiefs

It was a time of great change. A time of darkness and uncertainty as turbulence swirled the waters of life and the spirit of the ancient gods fought amongst themselves, desperately seeking to subjugate man to their will forever.

Some wished to destroy Man, seeing mankind as their possession, to bend and ply solely to their every whim and desire. Seeing them as no more than playthings to be manipulated and toyed with. Others in their wisdom, saw Man rapidly approaching a time when they no longer needed the gods, were in the process of attaining true godhood themselves and were thus joyous, hopeful that the boredom of immortal godliness would be greater appreciated in the bountiful company of man. For it was the aim of Man in the beginning to be as gods, the sole reason they were created in God’s image and imbued with the spirit of creation.

Images though, are but a reflection of the true object. And so man was born rife with internal conflict, flawed, as indeed the gods were too, in their creation by the one true God IO, whose motive and intent are hidden in plain sight, masked by the natural world.

Ailing through eons in their struggle for Man to retain the old ways and traditional forms of worship, the houses of the god’s became bitter and jealous of each other. Many men, blinded in their worship of the old ways, sought counsel in the spirits of the dark gods under the promise of great wealth and power for them and their progeny. These men, blind in their ambition, used guile and force to sway the masses into continuing acceptance of the old ways, sacrificing earth, wind, fire and water to appease the gods as they had always done.

However, the question, should man strive to become master of his own destiny or accept the fate the old gods had destined for him resounded amongst the 9 heavens ? Whispers of discontent drifted on the winds of time for an enlightened few, attuned to the sounds of godspeak to hear, sparking an awakening, and promising a new dream should Man take it upon himself to pursue his own destiny.

Into this time, with the spirit of the gods forced to choose sides in the last battle of wills, and man seemingly drifting aimlessly on the tides of life, were the seven sisters of the sea born. Their names being Hine Moana, Gaualofa, Te Matau a Maui, Faafaite, Marumaru Atua, Uto ni Yalo and Haunui. Together they were cast with the purpose, to lead the way forward, to win the war for the future of mankind, to break the old god’s dark spell forever, to enlighten a future for all to see or die trying.

so their journey begins… :)

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