Sunday, February 27, 2011

Christ City...HARD !!!

One week on from a devastating earthquake that pretty much levelled my ex home city of 10 years, I'm reminded of a Chinese proverb...

Crisis : Opportunity riding a dangerous wind

Given that, Christchurch has a bright and prosperous future ahead of it cos as it stands, it's a virtual blank canvas eh

So instead of waiting around for inner city buildings to come down and rebuilding in the same spot. How about start building a new planned and architecturally cohesive CBD in Hagley park from scratch, then turn most of the current CBD into a park and move the university into the rest of it ?

Revitalise the inner city with students and student housing. While giving the new CBD easier access to rail via Addington and the airport via Memorial ave. Build more residential sub divisions out Halswell way and link it all up with an overhead monorail that extends all the way to Brighton then to Sumner, along the Port Hills to Hillsborough following the foothills of Cashmere and straight down Colombo to Moorhouse ave and back to the new CBD.

Then for old times sake, in designing the street access of a new CBD, allow for a motor racing circuit replete with concert/sporting/trade fair arena and easy viewing for the public.

Finally name it after John Britten…Brittendon.


XChequer said...

Hay Pol,

Saw your comment over at my blog. Wish I'd seen yours earlier. Will enjoy some new music. At 37 I'm a bit old school (Hard house, trance) but like hearing new stuff.

Your blog is a damn good read.


pollywog said...

Chur bo...

i really should post more, but the way i figure it, i got the rest of my life to write way more interesting things here than commenting on current affairs

i'm more the, sneak into someone else's backyard and take a newsdump there than dig a hole in my own kinda guy anyway

danger crapping it's called :)

even as a selector i'm like, fuck making the audience dance. I'm gonna educate 'em on good music and they can piss of somewhere else if they don't like it

leftovers from a hiphop attitude that also sees my commenting on blogs as a form of graffiti

hit and run in spots most likely to be seen and when that gets boring, change pseudonyms and start all over again

shouldn't really be saying that cos the game is to be sold not told but...meh

someday in a distant future i'm gonna look back and piss myself laughing in embarassment

Marty Mars said...

you're a classic polly - good post and ideas bro

pollywog said...


some niggas just don't give a fuck...

...i give too much of one :)