Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twenty Ten

Best of a badass bunch...blogs, beats, bullshit, bravado.

State of US : i cite

One frustrated American intellectuals take on the decline of western civilisation as seen through and acted out on and by it's own citizens. Calling it how she sees it and it aint pretty. Blood in the streets, chant down Babylon type of steez...Be afraid.

Twatcockslapping : hard news

Let's all hold hands and say topical shit we all know to be true, because we all believe it to be, given that we're all so self evidently enlightened and all here in NZ. With your host, Russell 'wheres the free beers' Brown...whut whut.

Crackasscracking : kiwiblog

Home to David 'the penguin' Farrar, National party spinster extraordinaire and populated by some of the creepiest left/right wing wannabe revolutionaries and political pundits NZ has...Pop your collar and get amongst it.

A Night to Remember : Ladisix @the Mussell Inn, Takaka

Both of them national treasures. Five months on the road in Europe ending in an NZ tour at the cutest lil' pub this side of the black stump. T'was affirming to see L6 hold nothing back and leave nothing in the tank...Give it up like there's no tomorrow.

Brewskis : Moa

Weka lager. If Moa goes off globally, the same way 42 Below did, I expect this will be the beer of choice for all the blognoscenti hipsters to stroke their chins to. Honey dripped nectar of the gods, I shit you not. Best on tap if you can get it, otherwise straight outta the bottle while still chilled in one heaving guzzle...Up ya bum.

Chooooooon : This song is sick

If you like the filthy, twisted , dark sick shit blended together from a cross section of cutting edge electronica then this site vomits up the tasty, chunky bits on the regular...lap it up.

One Female to watch Musically : Kimbra

Without the excess trimmings. Like if Gaga had real talent and came from the (Hamil)TRON she'd be worth keeping an eye on for more than her meat cozzies. Lets hope Kimbra doesnt go down that path...girl power !!!
Settle Down (Penguin Prison RMX)

One Male to watch Musically : Skrillex

Following on from Reso with some of the harshest, dissonant sounds over the crunchiest beats and the highest production values sees Skrillex making music the devil himself would proudly skank too...brodacious!!!
My name is Skrillex EP

The Big Con(spiracy) job : F William Engdahl

Wikileaks is a big and dangerous US intelligence Con Job which will likely be used to police the Internet by carefully leaking to the most ultra-establishment of international media such as the New York Times...Believe it or not ?

Greater Love/Hate Hath No Men : Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi

If you view others as less than human cos God says they're all sinners, you can do the most evilest shit and in turn get it done right back to you hundreds of years later...What goes round comes round.

The Super Sharp Shot of The Year : Cpl Willie Apiata VC

Nothing says don't fuck with me more than a grizzled war hero with a gun staring straight down the barrel of a camera as he walks slowly but menacingly towards you in slow mo...yeah work it baby, you got the right stuff

Wearable Art : Threadless

I know it’s rude to turn your back and walk away on someone in mid sentence when they’re desperately trying to explain the obvious to you, but sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind…hold tight rudeboy and just read the t shirt

Art imitating Life on Film : Tron Legacy

Sooner or later we are forced to confront our virtual (on line) selves with our real (life) selves and resolve the conflicting philosophies so we don't pass them on to our progeny to repeat the (light) cycle. The least we can hope for is a better soundtrack...Daft Punk suck movie scoring balls.

Life imitating Art on DVD : The Road

Carrying on down. 'The Road' from last year is a movie of the book that follows a fathers futile attempt for his son to be last man standing during a nuclear winter. When all hope is lost, do you bother trying to find it again or just go ehh fuck it...i'm outta here ???

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