Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rewind my selecta...

Given the same opportunity and knowing what we do now, would we have made a different choice that may have led to a better outcome? It's something i posted about before and still... i dunno eh

No regrets, no apologies, no thank yous and no excuses. It's what i would like to think characterises my efforts in most things and what the hell, we take even the smallest victories and achievments for what they are.

Take this choice tune by Maree Sheehan from 1995.

Even when we were on the same course in Christchurch back in the day, Maree was showing she could write distinctive original kiwipop. She was in the music performance unit and i was in audioengineering, though sometimes our paths crossed and more so because she was my partner at the times friend.

As things happened, we all ended up in Auckland thru the 90's and my ex-partner, an awesome contemporary dancer, went on to choreograph for her. I was at the time still entertaining thoughts on being a supa dupa dope producer and had made some tunes which Maree had vocalised, none of which for silly reasons ever went on to be professionally recorded.

For a time though, I had borrowed her drum machine to work some beats out, and in giving it back to her, when it was fairly certain we were heading in different directions, i'd left some beats on there.

one of which she used as the backbeat for that tune...fatally cool.

I imagine that in some parallel universe, i am a supa dupa dope producer. Whereby, for every choice made here, an equal and opposite choice is enacted in another universe and i leveraged that uncredited beat and forged connections into other productive avenues...but meh

...then i wouldn't be who and what i am now, or done what i have, and i like me here now and what i've done, so given the chance to do it all over again, i probably wouldn't change a thing.:)

BTW how good was/is my ex as a choreographer ? Here judge for yourself, she got ladi6 to move like this...


Anonymous said...

Somefink for ya p wog

pollywog said...

hahaha...shot !!!

though if theres one thing i could always get a drum machine to do really well, it was swing a beat

i miss making beats :(