Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Predetermining the Collapse

Everything is now and You are here!!!

That only leaves one other option if it were not true. You are not here and everything is not now, meaning you are dead !

The super position of all states then would be, you are dead, as all possibilities are probable given infinite time but you don't have infinite time. So given that the future exists NOW, you are dead more often than not. More OFF than ON. All possibilities existing now is the wave function. Imagine waves rippling in a spherical pond from a central point. Collapsing the sphere to that point eliminates the ripples such that all you're left with is the particle and the medium.

Collapsing the wave function then gives us the state of realness in the physical sense, a state of aliveness, YOU. Something that is, that can be quantified and understood. The medium is the multi dimensional universi, the multiverse.

The multiverse and our particular universe are in motion ie change of state/position over time. The movement then causes the particle to propagate ripples again. All this takes place superluminally. We only observe the effects through sensory perception and ascribe meaning to the effects we experience.

Choosing collapses the infinite possibilites of the wave function to one. In collapsing, the wave affects other waves inducing them to collapse or combine to form bigger waves. The particles need not move except to flicker between one state of being in the multiverse to a single state in a single universe, meaning nothing moves only the background changes shape.

As an example. If you close your eyes there is only the blackness. Nothing exists in the way you percieve. Everything is reduced to being OFF ie in another state of the multiverse, dead. Imagine objects merely being vibrations of fundamental particles having no discernable shape, form or substance. The matrix vision of neo. All possibilites existing just needing recombining and interpreting.

Open your eyes and the wave function collapses. Everything takes the form your consciousness projects onto the 4d reality. Things take shape and have substance according to what we percieve through conditioning and experience.

What would be cool then is to rather than collapse the wave, blow it up. Everything is ON. The wave becomes a standing one. Time becomes meaningless. We see beyond the 4d veil and control the shape of the background rather that it controlling us.

Naturally I'm just simplifying things for the masses in equating what we see to fundamental particles because of course the many other observers have caused a collapse. That's the consensus conscious opinion that bounds reality. Just because you closed your eyes doesnt mean stuff doesn't exist, thats silly. It still does for everyone else as part of the bigger collapsed wave. Things are as they seem regardless of whether your eyes are closed or not. The moment everyone recognizes the emperor is naked though is when the collective collapse causes a new reality to be adopted en masse.

Imagine walking into a theatre with the audience all agreeing before hand that as soon as the fat lady sings at the end of act 4 everyone will imagine her to feel nauseous and throw up. What do you think would happen ? I'm picking the woman would at the very least feel a bit queasy but not know why. Or have you ever thought there might be something psychic about putting a tiny golf ball 500 metres down the trak using only a bit of fashioned metal and the power of conscious or perhaps unconscious thought ?

As soon as someone proves consciousness exists at the quantum level we can get on with the business of effecting the 4d construct. Thought powered nanomachines anybody ?

Our future doesn't exist yet. Nothing does, but an extrapolation of choices and choices not made at every moment in time recreates presents in other universes. In some of those, what will happen to us is happening now or has happened. The point is, everything is NOW and you are here.

If the fundamental particles which constitute us flicker at superluminal speed between existence and non existence as defined by the 4d construct. We are equally as much dead as alive but more so dead given that we are but one universe of many in infinite time. Assuming of course our particular conscious entity transcends the multiverse.

The present is in a constant state of recreating itself at faster than light speed using the same particles, but for every action chosen and taken there is an equal and oppsite in another universe. The past is a memory and deja vu could be a glimpse of a future probablity or a transdimensional leak where it is happening now but wont happen in this universe for a while. I wonder if there is a unit of consciousness, a thought particle ?

Did you ever think that on going back to a choice made in the past and choosing the opposite, the results to your life would have been different ? Somewhere in your life can you pinpoint an event which defined you and your destiny depending on which path you chose to follow ?

Or in spite of said choice, do you think things would have turned out pretty much exactly the same now and that where you are and who you are were pretty much calculated as an extrapolation of probabilities with any choice you made merely being an uncertainty factor with little relevance in the overall outcome ?

That is too say, you would have made another choice later on which would enact the same type of event leading to who and where you are now anyway ? Bear in mind your 'fate' as it were is so intertwined with others that any choice you made, to have any lasting effect, would need to have the appropriate choices made by a whole host of others to change an event.

Of course in alternate universi, the choices i could have made at the the time, i did make with the resultant consequences being things there are probably vastly different as those divergent choices accumulate to such an extent that 'the many times removed' alternate you is not even you, doesn't think like you or act like you

or do they ??? Is there a connected stream of consciousness which resonates through all alternate yous ??? An absolute you in an ultimate reality ??? Are we then the pebble dropped in the spherical pond or merely a ripple ???

Perhaps only in death will we know but seeing as how we are more dead than alive, somewhere, sometime, we already know...


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