Monday, May 28, 2007

Reflections of 8ft women

Recordings of 8 women variously connected to footnote records from 2001-2006...

... a mix of not quite mixed tunes yet it does have a certain flow, featuring released songs, unreleased demos and remixes spanning haunting acoustic to rap to pop to dubstep to jungle

download 24meg 112bit mp3 here

01 jamyma - silence

Kylie wrote the song and sings it to melancholic perfection while Jimmy plays guitar

02 sarah brown - i care

since gone on to bigger things but ohh that voice, so fragile so distinctive. A cover of a jodeci song

03 chrome vs reyne - newex

Jordan Reyne breaks out of her usually gothic/industrial state to craft a fine slice of downbeat pop with johnnychrome on production

04 topaz - rat a tat

first recording and a precursor of many good things to come with beat supplied by internet badboy Lerch

05 sheelahroc - if i gave u th mic

a kiwi classic nuff said. Rhian sheehan phat beats down mix

06 hell science dept - slippin

2002 protodubstep vocal remix tune of funkamental's 'slippin' featuring Michaela Carnavale

07 ladisix - shanti riddim

rare and little heard rolling, jump up, jungle style version of confucius song

08 confucius - glimpses

Michaela once again vocalises a sublime piece of kiwi jungle pop by the prolific Nava Thomas


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