Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post u a card from my personal paradise...

Here's The Cure for your ills. The dubbed out version i posted in a previous mix, the lyrics of which evoke wondrous sentiment. Enjoy...

I'd always wanted to make my own postcards. So over the past few months i've been keeping an eye out around Nelson and taking pics that fit the brief of postcard look.

some of which i've posted up here before but meh...whatever :)

some weird art thing in the carpark at the local fresh choice supermarket. Its more the building behind it that screams kiwiana. Funny how we've still got clapped out wooden buildings littering our cities, tucked away in unassuming places. I love that we still do.

My lady's uncle's 50th birthday was held at her parents place in Delaware bay. It was the night of the blue moon in february 2010. Taken from their deck, this was the only shot i managed cos the kids didn't charge the batteries up...grrrr but i doubt i coulda got a better one.

The Nelson cathedral at the top of the mainstreet acts as focal point for the city centre. Iv'e seen so many shots of it from that angle, that i just wanted to explore the surroundings and came across the view here. An awesome spot to sip a coffee and chill out during the day with a good book. If you're into that sort of thing

At the end of the marina drive, down by the fish processing plants is a bench that looks out over 'the haven', the name for the tidal estuary that fronts Nelson city. I dont know that its neccessarily a tourist spot, but it's as good a place as any to grab some fish and chips and head to, espceially when the tide is in.

The famed boulderbank. A stretch of boulders and land that juts out to enclose the haven. If you're lucky enough to catch the sunset on the right day you'll be rewarded with natural beauty and light of a red sun setting behind the ranges in the distance while the waves crash on the perfectly formed smooth rocks...ahhhh

Nelson's Chinese sister city Huangshi, has in the Queens garden, adjacent to the Suter art gallery, an area set aside for the celebration of their divine oriental aesthetic. You really cant go wrong wandering round here in an afternoons stroll not 2 minutes from the centre of town.

A short distance out of town but still within walking distance is Founders park. A replica early NZ town and favourite haunt of mine. Not only for the organic founders brewery which makes beer to die for but also for the zen like quality of the neighbouring Miyazu Japanese garden. Miyazu also being a Nelson sister city.

Queens garden is a lovely example of traditional English Victorian styling, replete with fountain, rose garden, water wheel and built around what was, back in the day, the traditional eel catching ponds of the original Maori settlers. I had to rush this shot as people were wandering across the frame and just happened to fluke the ducks who seemed to be posing for me :)

Naturally i've whipped up some notes and lines and typical postcardy stuff you'd see on the back, got costings to have them printed commercially but we'll see if i can be arsed following through with selling them.

I've never been about chasing the money especially not where art is concerned.

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