Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'd always liked big phat dubby basslines and remixes of tunes that incorporated them but which you might not think would fit.

So heres a mix i did a while ago with the pic above being some random image search i did that fits the theme.

*beats international - dub be good to me
*the cure - pictures of you (dub mix)
*outkast - spottieottiedopalicious
*A Tribe Called Quest - El Segundo (norman cook mix)
*massive attack - bluelines
*red star - west london (ol skool mix)
*zed bias - ring the alarm
*theivery corporation - state of the union
*red star - pretender
*si begg - buss
*basscamp - crossoverer

Bassmatch 51min:28s 160kb 58 Mb


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