Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get rich or die tryin...

Nature selects for the greedy. To be rich is to have evolved beyond the need to work to survive. It is advantageous to oneself and ones own kind to be selfish. Survival of the fittest now means survival of the richest with the firm establishment of the predatory overclass emerging as a potent signifier of evolution in action .

Predation in nature naturally requires prey. For the overclass, that is the underclass. Emerging from the shadows, having always been there, they're called, in our instance here in New Zealand, polynesians (inclusive of maori). You may not have heard or seen us cos we pretty much keep to ourselves, dont tend to make a big fuss about shit and dont get much media coverage apart from when we do something bad, excel at sports or sing for our suppers as entertainers. Generally we just roll with the punches, probably due to that old christian 'turn the other cheek' thing.

The thing most forget though is, rolling with the punches shows an adaptability which nature also selects for, meaning we are also more fit to survive than most. Not in a rich predatory way, but in a straight, no holds barred, by any means neccessary, predatory kind of eat the rich, if worse comes to worse way. Or at least kill them, dispossess them and move on cos weve moved past the 'eat what you kill' thing. Another one of those christian things.

Good or bad, it all comes down to moral relativism as to whether you think it is right or wrong for the over and under class to do what they do to survive. Nature though, isn't morally bound and capitalism, the favoured means by which predation occurs, favours none but itself. Life is after all a game of chance, the more adept you are at playing the game at both ends, the more likely the chance you and your progeny will survive to keep playing, except you dont get many chances and usually the die is cast before you enter the game.

If there is a third option it is the one i choose to play and summed up in the maxim 'i can't lose if i dont play'. If there were a loser, it is the playing field on which the game is played out and currently, it is showing signs of wear and tear that might inhibit any classes ability to play the game.

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