Thursday, May 15, 2008

More brilliant than Toasty ?

The progression of the breakbeat continuum into breakstep as opposed to the de evolution into dubstep's halfstep. One is the accelerated velocity into the unknown the other a decelerated step back to the past via the much explored dubsonics.

Never more so has the breakbeat continuum been encapsulated in one tune than in 'toastys -i seek knowledge' on the visionary 'hotflush recordings' label circe 2004. Truly a revolution in sonic fiction. The jump off point for a branching timeline in the multidimensional musicverse. From the opening afro percussion intro, the rocket take off wind up and the catch of breath into the first drop, the warped sampladelic female vocals, the glitched out techno beat, the atonality of what sounds like an alien spaceship humming and throbbing in the background. Brilliant. But flip it over and in seeking higher knowledge, is it more brilliant than 'like sun' ?

Once again we are introduced to the sound of an alien spacecraft via afro-percussion. This time in observational stealth mode. The unmanned bridge of the motherplane from nation of islam’s finest work of black sci fi fame. A stepped militaristic beat reminiscent of the fruit of islam or S1W's ensues. The sound of a teleporter introduces a pilot. A klaxon warning suggests one should buckle up 'keep moving' an acceleration is imminent, but we dont. Instead the bass drops and you round the dark side of the moon to reveal something more brilliant, Ra the sun. Again the klaxon sounds forewarning another imminent change, precursoring the opening of hyperspace, a tear in the spacetime fabric. One last look back. Floating dream like strings imbue a melancholic feeling of possibly never seeing things as they were again. Then it's through to the unknown unaccompanied by a feeling of acceleration.

Why ?... cos you have just travelled without moving. The speed of thought as projected through space is faster than the speed of light. You have outrun the light. Like the sun at dusk as the last rays fade, this work sets behind a new muscial horizon. Leaving a gate open for many to follow.

rapidshare_ HF_006_Toasty-The_KnowledgeLike_Sun_2004_192.rar

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