Friday, April 25, 2008

T-shirts and Grafikery...

You may have noticed the new colour co-ordinated look to the blog ???I was getting back into grafix/tshirts and thought i'd give the blog a makeover as well . The image behind the header was an album cover for Danny MacMillan of 'inflight records.

This, a tribute to hyperdub. Arguably the greatest label in the dubstep universe manned at the helm by the hyperstitious visionary Dr kode9

This, a reworked 'redstripe' label. Beer de rigeur of the dubstep lager connoisseur, though probably more popular due to its jamaican origin...

Afrika Bambaataa
..nuff said. Hiphop pioneer and with whom I share a common quest. Looking for the perfect beat. If you find it before me hookusup yeah ???

Originally designed for bloodied blade, harder than hard dubsteppers as a work in progress and a tribute to Ogami Itto, the lonewolf shogun assassin. I was thinking of putting it on screen but then again maybe not.

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