Friday, February 23, 2007

How low can we go ???


indefinable dark places from which everything emerges to take it's place in the bright lights of macroscopia. The breeding ground for all manner of hybridised mutant musical lifeforms that defy categorisation

where is it ??? would you know it if you saw it ??? is it even a place worth seeking out and exploring ???

used to be you had to be taken there by it's denizens, to the seedy little back street clubs, suburban garages, shitty little rooms in concrete bunkers stacked sky high in decaying urban centres and made to participate in the strange rituals which govern it... it's on line, all up in your very face but many wouldn't know it to look at it. You only need the desire to search it out, to extricate it from the mass of disinformation it hides itself in

whats it like ???

it's dark, it's cold, it's empty, it's disconnected from time and space. It exists to serve itself, to procreate and give meaning to it's antiform, the overground. It is the dark to the light, the skinny to the fat, the on to the off and now more than ever, we need it... is that which if named precludes itself from being the very thing you wish it to be. Only those who still exist there can truly know it and once emerged from there it quickly fades from memory as one gets blinded and dazzled by the luminessence

if you know it and exist within its comforting boundaries, stay there and let others find you...

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