Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Talk is cheap...

...especially on line

one must not only conform to the patterns and standards of language set by the hive mind but also conform your ideas and thoughts...

...the net in many cases doesn't promote individuality, creativity or allow for freedom of thought and expression. It instead seeks to limit and restrict freedom unless it fits the notion of individuality and creativity as set by the collective

cultural elitism and a perceived intellectual superiority is the new racism...get used to it !!!

To belong, you must sellout your individuality, become as one with the hive, allow your self to be assimilated borglike into the bot mainstream

...woe betides those who don't, you will get banned, demonized, ostracized, excommunicated

You may not have thoughts of your own, there can be no dissensus unless approved by consensus or by the man...

BE PURE, BE VIGILANT, BEHAVE say the terminators

If that be the motto for the powers that be, then i am as NEMESIS the WARLOCK

Nemesis is neither good nor bad, but somewhere in between. He does not rally to the cause of a party seeking to hold the 'balance of power'. Instead he seeks to tip the Universal balance firmly in favour of his school of magic, Khaos, against the forces of Order. In fact, it would probably be more accurate to say that Nemesis is not even between good and evil, but somewhere outside.


That is the nature of Khaos - nothing is truly as it seems. Perhaps the human-torturing, callous and brooding Nemesis is no more his real self than the hero of the spaceways known to millions of aliens across the universe. Perhaps his magic dictates that all his good work must in some way be balanced by as many dark deeds.

...and that is/was the undisputed truth


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