Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Dept of Hell Science

...shit happened when he was 21 and it sent him into a depressing spiral culminating in his becoming a derelict waster doomed to perpetually wander the dark, gloomy streets looking for victims to mug for change so's he can get a bottle of cheap liquor and a hit to see of the cold nights

he dodges the cops and their constant radio chatter, hears scatterings of music blaring from nightclubs as the doors briefly open just long enough for the ladies of the night to come out, blow off their latest john before heading back in for the next sucker...

...maybe if he's lucky he can knock john over as they wander off to catch a taxi back home to wifey

he eats from restaurant rubbish skips fighting off the dogs for the best morsels, sleeps most all day in abandoned buildings unless he scored big the night before and only comes out at night to repeat the misery of previous days...

...his sad and lonely life is peppered by drug fuelled flashback visions of better times when as a young exective on the rise in a transglobal corporation, the world was his oyster

he is a broken shell of a man whose face you never see beyond the shrouded overhang of his ratty hoody...

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