Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living the dream...NZ ELECTION 2011

Congratulations people!!!

You bought the aspirational middle class dream John Key was selling. You didn’t want the reality Phil Goff was selling and why would you ?

The reality is high unemployment, no jobs, stagnant wages, rising cost of living, NZ’s best and brightest leaving NZ in record numbers, an aging population reliant on welfare, an angry youthful demographic also reliant on welfare, a property investment boil that needs lancing and a wealth disparity chasm that will only widen with asset sales.
I mean, who in their right mind wants to face that reality ?…and buy into it, let alone deal with it, when you can live the dream of aspirational middle classiness. You too can come from living in a state house to make a fortune then become Prime Minister. Thats the shit people want to buy into and the shit Key was selling.

And man did we buy it, hook, line and sinker, cos the thing is, everyone thinks they’re middle class these days. There is no working class anymore, only the underclass, consisting of the working poor and the unemployed.

But no one’s going to admit to being underclass. That’s the fucking nightmare class you read about on the news, committing violent crime, breeding for business and living off charity.
Sure, you may be jobless and poor or scraping to get by, but your parents weren’t and they were middles class so you are too eh ? You just have to keep believing, have faith that Key can keep your dream alive. I mean, you’re a real life wannabe kiwi mum and dad whose better times are just around the corner.

But you know, the only trouble with living the dream is, sooner or later you wake up and have to face reality, either by your own choice or by neccessity of someone forcing you to. And don’t you just hate it when the realization dawns on you that the dream you thought you were living was only happening in your mind and for all that time you were just asleep.
sleep tight NZ, don’t let reality bite…Vampires are real !!!

oh and another thing worth remembering is, Key isn't middle class.

He's transcended that to become ruling class...Part of that elite 1% that doesnt really give a shit whether you're middle class, underclass or lacking any class at all, just that you're in the 99% who only have to buy the bullshit the 1% are peddling to keep them ruling.

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