Monday, April 20, 2020

I got this shit on lockdown!

Who woulda thunk a lil itty bitty virus could shut down the world as we knew it?

Just when you
thought it was safe...

Monday, March 26, 2018


Though his world shook and his mind reeled, the body was still strong so the man soldiered on.

What else was he supposed to do?

 It wasnt in his nature to cower in the face of adversity. He wasn't a child anymore. He faces challenges full on and face to face, that was his nature...

Bring it, he said. I fucking got this!!!

... and his ancestors laughed, nodded their heads in unison and agreed whole heartedly!

They would protect him as much as they would his children, whom he could no longer protect to the same extent as previously...

He felt safe in the knowledge!

Monday, December 26, 2016

All my heroes are angels...

2016...where to start ?

R.I.P George Michael and through the year, Prince, Phife Dawg, Maurice white and David Bowie. Sure, there were many others who passed on this year, but none shaped my consciousness as much as those 5.

Let's start with Bowie. Slightly before my time so my introduction as a tail end disco kid, first wave hiphopper and  junior funkateer was through one song, 'Fame'.

Fame makes a man take things over.Fame lets him loose, hard to swallow / Fame puts you there where things are hollow (fame) / Fame, it's not your brain, it's just the flame

Before that, i didn't know white guys could be funky or that it was OK to be as weird as you wanna be. So i embraced my weirdness and chased fame for a while, but found out pretty early in the piece i wasn't cut out for it...too damn shy :)

Speaking of weird and funk, which is hard not to, there was the mystical inspired Earth Wind and Fire headed by Maurice White. A big ass black band with a horn section to die for, costumes for Africa and some of the coolest album art and posters...EVER!

Their elemental ancestral iconongraphy was my first introduction to a non christian philosophy/religion. From there i ventured out on my own, spiritually and musically...

Then dearly beloved, came Prince. As prodigious and precocious a talent as anyone and probably never again. He grabbed the funk and moulded it to fit his own out there personality, which was as weird as it symbol and slave anyone ?...Oh FUCK YES!!!

Sign o the times : PRINCE 1987

In my mind, Sign o the Times, the video of the concert, was his pinnacle both in composition and performance, perfectly encaptured in glorious video for all posterity!

The shortest distance between 2 points isn't a straight line when it comes to music.

And so it is that people's instinctive travels and the paths of rhythm cross, especially when you're questing with the tribe crossed with Norman Cook...

Q and Phife, as the main dawgs for A Tribe called Quest, were always on their own tip, spearheading an age of rap enlightenment that countered the darkness of reality rap festering in the ghettoes of niggaville USA.

 "Keep shit hotter than a sauna / Or better yet, the hormones on your Christian daughter / Hey, I tried to warn her"

heh..nah not really...

 One thing that I know for sure, Bad boys stick together, never sad boys...

As a teen i remember strutting up and down the main street of Milton, Sth Otago, ghettoblaster on the shoulder, proudly inflicting the badboy rap of WHAM! to any and all in a town whose staple diet of music consisted solely of  psychedelic guitar rock and country ballads.

George Michael didn't change that, but he profoundly changed me! His impeccable dress sense still inspires me.

It was no coincidence he named himself after an archangel and  dragon slayer, because he looked and sounded like an angel who struggled with a fire breathing dragon symbolizing the devil. He sung a hell of a lot about them, angels in lyrics with the devil in the music.

 If ever there were a tortured musical artist with a messianic complex who sacrificed his guilt to share the pain of others and truly believed that as spiritual beings, we are practising the same religion, it was George...

All my heroes are angels, and we can all be heroes, if only for one day, knowing that another day, the angels will come for us...


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living the dream...NZ ELECTION 2011

Congratulations people!!!

You bought the aspirational middle class dream John Key was selling. You didn’t want the reality Phil Goff was selling and why would you ?

The reality is high unemployment, no jobs, stagnant wages, rising cost of living, NZ’s best and brightest leaving NZ in record numbers, an aging population reliant on welfare, an angry youthful demographic also reliant on welfare, a property investment boil that needs lancing and a wealth disparity chasm that will only widen with asset sales.
I mean, who in their right mind wants to face that reality ?…and buy into it, let alone deal with it, when you can live the dream of aspirational middle classiness. You too can come from living in a state house to make a fortune then become Prime Minister. Thats the shit people want to buy into and the shit Key was selling.

And man did we buy it, hook, line and sinker, cos the thing is, everyone thinks they’re middle class these days. There is no working class anymore, only the underclass, consisting of the working poor and the unemployed.

But no one’s going to admit to being underclass. That’s the fucking nightmare class you read about on the news, committing violent crime, breeding for business and living off charity.
Sure, you may be jobless and poor or scraping to get by, but your parents weren’t and they were middles class so you are too eh ? You just have to keep believing, have faith that Key can keep your dream alive. I mean, you’re a real life wannabe kiwi mum and dad whose better times are just around the corner.

But you know, the only trouble with living the dream is, sooner or later you wake up and have to face reality, either by your own choice or by neccessity of someone forcing you to. And don’t you just hate it when the realization dawns on you that the dream you thought you were living was only happening in your mind and for all that time you were just asleep.
sleep tight NZ, don’t let reality bite…Vampires are real !!!

oh and another thing worth remembering is, Key isn't middle class.

He's transcended that to become ruling class...Part of that elite 1% that doesnt really give a shit whether you're middle class, underclass or lacking any class at all, just that you're in the 99% who only have to buy the bullshit the 1% are peddling to keep them ruling.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Luv for the 80's...synthpop

.......................TURN THE MUSIC UP !!!.......................

Sure you could harken back to previous times for the birth of electronica, but you had to love what happened when the great unwashed got hold of those mint as, and now vintage, synths in the 80's...

Lets just forget the fashion, the hair dos, the make up and cheesy videos though...Ok ?

And for goodness sake, though i'm posting in the middle of an election campaign in NZ, it's not the end of the world if Phil Goff gets in or John Key for another term, like it wasn't when Reagan and Thatcher got elected...but it was touch and go there for a while eh ?

Anyway, here's another 80 minutes of crossfaded childhood memories...

1. The Boomtown Rats - Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays
2. The Clash - Straight To Hell
3. Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
4. Bros - When Will I Be Famous
5. Go West - We Close Our Eyes
6. Living in a Box - Living in a Box
7. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
8. Yazoo - Don't Go
9. Gary Numan - Cars
10. Heaven 17 - geisha boys and temple girls
11. Flash And The Pan - - Waiting on a train
12. Wa Wa Nee - Stimulation
13. Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
14. Culture Club - Time
15. Elvis Costello - Everday I Write the Book
16. Orange Juice - Rip It Up
17. Naked Eyes - Promises Promises
18. Swing Out Sister - Breakout
19. Curiosity Killed The Cat - Down To Earth
20. Blow Monkeys - Diggin Your Scene
21. Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
22. China Crisis - Black Man Ray
23. Simply Red - Holding Back The Years


...and don't ask me why there's no WHAM on there cos damn..George Michael was the shit back then !!!....No really...LOOK !!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

For my peeps...'s been a long time between drinks.

I mean, here's some acid jazzy type shit from back in the day that i was listening to the last time NZ hosted the Rubber Wool Cup...and won :)

1. The Family Stand - Ghetto heaven
2. The Emotions - Flowers
3. The Chimes - True Love
4. Driza Bone - Real Love
5. Angie Giles - Submerge
6. Yo Yo Honey - Groove On
7. Loose Ends - Don't Be A Fool
8. Soul II Soul - Jazzie's Groove
9. Leena Conquest - Boundaries
10. Color Me Badd - Time And Chance
11. Smith & Mighty - Walk On By
12. Madonna - Justify my love (William Orbit rmx)
13. Fresh 4 - Wishing On A Star
14. Freak Power - Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out
15. Rockers Hi Fi - Push Push
16. Groove Armada - Superstylin'
17. Stereo MC`s - Connected

cross faded and downloadable as 80minutes of 109MB grooveness...

...oh and here's the t-shirt you can hit me up for if you want to buy one. Silver on Black looks the shizzle