Friday, October 29, 2010

The kids don't stand a chance...

cough *bullshit* cough

Sure, some have got a better than most chance of succeeding in being whatever they want to be, by virtue of privilege, class and culture, but some will succeed purely by virtue of their own skill, talent and tenacity.

Demeter Maia Hunziker/King/Siataga/ theres a name for the future

love you Dem :)


Anonymous said...

Seen this Mr Pwog.

pollywog said...

nah...but cheers

...sounds like a man after my own heart :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is irony in that Tim Wise post.

"Along with the Whig Party, the Democratic Party was the chief party in the United States until the Civil War. The Whigs were a commercial party, and usually less popular, if better financed. The Whigs divided over the slavery issue after the Mexican–American War and faded away. In the 1850s, under the stress of the Fugitive Slave Law and the Kansas-Nebraska Act, anti-slavery Democrats left the party. Joining with former members of existing or dwindling parties, the Republican Party emerged."

How about that huh? The anti-slavery democrats left the party and formed the republican party.

Anonymous said...

"How about that huh? The anti-slavery democrats left the party and formed the republican party"

And 150 years later this is relevant?.

pollywog said...

yes it's relevant because if they hadn't, my daughter wouldn't have sung a duet at a christian concert with the song being called 'the kids don't stand a chance'

gotta love how the universe works huh ?

and to think in some parallel universe, slavery still exists and the US operates under one party rule...oh hang on

RightNow said...

"And 150 years later this is relevant?" I hope that's something you ask yourself, it would serve no purpose for me to explain something like this to you. Think about why the right are labelled as racist by the left so frequently, when the left were the original pro-slavers.
Something starting to turn over in your brain yet? Get the feeling you're being played for your votes? Perhaps even bribed for your votes?
When is it racist to say "black people should vote democrat" instead of "everyone should make informed decisions who to vote for, regardless of colour"?