Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Eight ...nine..ten

Countdown to 2012...

Te Wa project

Looking like a Pasifikan version of a 'stargate' from the TV series in which travellers could step through time, our logo also represents a compass, with a Fijian warclub pointing West, a Marquesan one to the East, Samoan to the North and a Maori taiaha pointing South. Overlaid is the modern, stylised visual representation around which this project revolves.

Te Wa in Maori means The Time. In the language of Kiribati, for whom the project was named at the Nelson Tasman Pasifika Community trust meeting of 8/10, the W is pronounced as V, making Wa, Va, and in keeping with words similar throughout the Pacific, equates to v'aa, vaka, waka, boat.

Te Wa project is then, The Boat project, that in line with times past, present and future looks to re-create the experience of our ancestors by building and sailing traditionally styled Pasifikan outrigger canoes using modern construction and seafaring techniques.

Not content to build and sail, we will also be looking to re kindle knowledge of ancient navigational techniques using the stars, the currents and the migration of birds, instil traditional cultural values that underpin our commitment to conservation/preservation and self sufficiency in harvesting food stocks from the sea, land and people, while inspiring new generations towards self employment and higher learning in growth industries such as building, sailing and cultural tourism.

This will be achieved by entering into joint ventures with selected partners and by harnessing the skills, knowledge and resources of those in the community and wider culture willing to assist in whatever way possible.

Te Wa is the time and the time is right… NOW

so I would expect an update on the project next year 9/10/11

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