Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Disengaging the other

There is this thing thats not me, it's something else.

it's always been there, overpowering me, oppressing me, guiding me, protecting me from my true self but the time has come to disengage from it

it is that which if named becomes the very thing it is not, giving it substance, a form that doesn't exist were it to remain nameless...

...the first act of disengagement was moving to the country/seaside, to physically distance myself from the bulk of it. second act, to give up being in its employ, to not be solely reliant upon it for sustenance and survival. third act, to employ alternatives that ensure sustenance and survival.

the fourth act will be to bring the curtain down on it and expose it for all to see whilst keeping myself in the shadows of it.

this guy sees it...

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