Saturday, March 28, 2009

A toast(y) to the dearly departed

i meant to post this a few weeks ago when i found out but shit happens and stuff gets pushed back so...meh whatever

Raise your glasses in a belated farewell to dubstep maestro toastyboy's last hurrah...

...this from his myspace dated 15 march


hello peeps

it may or may not have escaped your attention that i haven't made any new music/updated my page in a long long time.

well its probably no big shock that i'm winding down the toasty stuff.. the sort of music i want to make these days doesnt even remotely fit in with the whole toasty thing, so i thought it was time to draw this page to a close..

i dont want to make a song and dance about it, just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who supported me by listening to my stuff, or by messaging me on the myspace or by..... buying my music!

big big big big shout out to all the punters, djs and labels that supported me over the last few years!

peace and loveism

damo toasty

Arguably the bestest and brightest star in the dubstep galaxy.

Any of his singular stellar productions shone more fiercely than the dim lo lights of a million halfstep wobble clones clumped together in an unformed gaseous cloud barely steering clear of dubsteps black hole event horizon...

...he will be missed.

in tribute and soon as i get my fast net connection back again i'll post up a mix of sorts that combines toasty plus the other 2 torch bearers for the breakier side of dubstep still shining...distance and reso

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