Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cyrus vs the magic flute

Cyrus, a member of croydon's random trio put out as minimal and darkly atmospheric dubstep album as you can get last year on DJpinch tectonic label.

On vinyl it consisted of 3 x 12"s. I downloaded it from some dodgy russian site i think, only to find the third vinyl rip missing. Oh well never mind :(

A few months earlier I downloaded an album of world flute music called lifescapes world flutes

I also ripped a tune of Omen the other random trio members myspace. That tune being a remix of a Loefah tune called voodoo

You still with me ???...good

So naturally, being the dubmugging polynesian hell scientist, i mashed the fuckers up in true savage style just by lining em up and playing em together to these ends.

'Voodoo' and the world flute tune 'Buffalo Nation/There's A Fire Deep In The Hill [Native American] became what you hear on myspacepage and the rest as follows

Cyrus - Rasta From (5:00) VS Lifescapes - Eagle Dreams - Native American (7:13)
Cyrus - Mind Games (5:37) VS Lifescapes - His Royal Soul Has Flown Away - African (3:34)
Cyrus - The Watcher (5:38) VS Lifescapes - She Dances with Her Soul - Indian (7:00)
Cyrus - Paradise Dub (6:06) VS Lifescapes - Swimming Near Emerald Cliffs - Chinese (5:11)
Cyrus - Gutter (4:23) VS Lifescapes - Where the Moutain Begins - South American (8:27)
Cyrus - Dirt (5:37) VS Lifescapes - The Orphan Song - Chinese (6:23)
Theres a fire deep in the voodoo magic hill (6:32)

In selecting which tune to match with which, I just went with word association. Of course i fucked up the last 2 tunes cos 'gutter' is supposed to go with 'the orphan song' and 'dirt' with 'where the mountain begins' but who's to know ???

I mean, ya gotta expect these things when your'e 'puter mixing shit on the fly :) Naturally i cut off some bits in the mix which was done virtually live on a DJ program i DL'ed the trial version of.

All this was inspired by hearing DJ Zhao's blogariddim mix earlier today which essentially does the same thing and that is, mash up stylee, but i'd kinda been meaning to do it for a while.

I could go on about non local space and time creating warped effects and deeply spiritual vibes meeting the UK underground in NZ but meh, just listen to the shit and hopefully enjoy the spontenaity i had in doing it. After all, the way of the warrior is about impeccable timing and ruthless intent.

So yeah, sometimes words get in the way and sometimes you can overthink things to lesser effect...

so heres
cyrus vs the magic flute 23-08-2008_7;21;24_p-m-.mp3 42.81 MB

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