Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Burial exhumed

Yeah i dont like his drums. Never did. And yeah i thought he was El-b incognito. And yeah i thought it was just a clever as fuck Kode 9 gimmick playing on hyperstition

Hyperstition through CCRU (Cybernetic Culture Research Unit):

1. Element of effective culture that makes itself real.

2. Fictional quantity functional as a time-traveling device.

3. Coincidence intensifier.

4. Call to the Old Ones

so it came as a bit of a surprise that he would out himself on his myspace complete with pic.

But now that i know he was actually Kevin Federline in disguise it all becomes transparently obvious. I mean who wouldn't want to keep that fact on the low low to retain even a modicum of street cred ???

Nah seriously tho. I kind of wished he hadn't. I can sort of understand the need to out himself so people could just hear the music without being coloured by the hype given his nomination for a *ahem* prestigious Mercury award and the fuss the Sun was making about him.

Still i feel a bit let down that he changed to please the media and to be honest. I preferred the unfamiliarity of a name without a face that now i can see, removes the haunting supernatural element burial as word suggests and places him in the physical realm like the rest of us mortals.

As a kid I was into KISS for the same reason. The mystery of the star, the spaceman, the cat, and the demon added value to the music. To my mind it didnt detract but on unmasking they just weren't as interesting

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