Friday, February 01, 2008

The long hot summer just...

...well not quite the whole summer but, january has surely passed me by

maybe it's cos i been hella busy, holidaying round the sth island, working heaps and chillaxing with the kids that i havent clocked in or maybe nuthing much has happened worth blogging about... anyway we, or should i say i, helped pump my first crane a couple weeks ago following on from one we built in queenstown and here in christ city over the last month

pumping cranes is a deadly serious business. I'd explain but this pretty much says it all...

...needless to say wind is the enemy

completely unrelated, i came across a dubstep vid lately worthy of mention

a pleasant surprise as apart from 'various productions-hater'

and kode9/spaceape-9 samurai

from a few years back, most are kinda to say the least, underdone, though some might say so are these...

...oh well different strokes. Funny but there do seem to be some similarities in style. Black and white, animated with no live personage of note

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