Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The big WOW

3 weeks in windy welli working on of wearableart awards

...picture above is me and the flyingteam/riggers. We put everything up in the roof so it doesn't come crashing down over the audience and during the show we chuck shit over the handrails and pull it back up again when the talent has finished playing round with it on stage.

The ladder/scaffold we're climbing is a one to one human counterbalance system. High tensile steel cable and safety harnesses make the whole thing pretty safe. Basically it goes like this. We hook on from the ground, a performer hooks on in the roof, they jump over the handrail and when we climb up they drop down naturally it works vice versa...duhhh

picture below is me waiting in the roof for a cue to throw some stuff over the side...

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toby ricketts said...

good shit mate! I always wondered how that worked!