Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a footnote to history

recordings that made an impression on me and I had an impression in making...huh ???

remember back in the day when I was young and fighting the system, spent my youth believing myself to be another victim...
'if i gave u the mic' by sheelahroc and remixed by Rhian Sheehan

How true those words seem now cos back then i wanted to take on the world with music as art, no bullshit behind the scenes machinations of the big label monopolies, no compromises, no sacrifices, just talent and an abundance of gung ho enthusiasm... shouldn't then have come as a big surprise that i got my arse well and truly kicked, but it did

Sheelahroc... 3 young women of exceptional talent and rare beauty. When i came across them they were already busting rhymes and spitting fire on the mic around christchurch. The group then consisted of Kid/Kbelle, Voodoo child, sister of Dallas from fat freddies drop and Ladisix

Kid pulled out of the group but Ladi never one to give up on anything let alone her dream, merely drafted her then 16yr old cousin Tyra now with the sublime opensouls , into the group

Through a strange turn, the accapella got into Rhian Sheehans hands

I see glimpses of a strange new world. You fill my world right up with sweet music, you fill my soul right up with love from 'glimpses' featuring Michaela Carnavale...

Hearing this tune coming from a little PA in the bedroom of a guy, who is still the partner of a dear friend, inspired me to help liberate the many tunes like it

Confucius aka funkamental aka basscamp aka dubwise aka... bah!!! too many aka's and I've always said that about him and to him. "Consolidate under one moniker and define a sound". As it stands he is still sometime producer for dubwise soundsystem, keyboardist for Pbass expressway, fulltime in charge of his latest basscamp incarnation, confucius making hard jungle drum n bass with his brother Damian aka Mysterious D and still an awesome good friend who is one of New Zealands most prolific and exceptional underground producers.

Shanti riddim riding me to ecstasy - from 'Shanti riddim'... ladisix on the mic confucius on the beat

For some reason i always thought shanti meant peace and if it doesn't, then it should. Somewhere on my hard drive is a jump up version of this tune which I'll post up later.It's bloody good too...

...this version was remixed by Christchurch drum n bass don Pylon

The cliche lines we say to people we wish we knew. Take me as you find me - from 'newex' by chrome vs reyne

jordan reyne and johnnychrome produce an achingly beautiful song which, while working in Wellington on an arts festival and staying in my van, parked up johnnys drive, i get to hear.

Convincing him to let me pimp it righteously, we also blaze up one night and strip it back to the 'midnight mix'... the future we go

knowing good music lasts forever in the hearts and minds of those who believe it to be among the highest achievements of mankind is good enough for me to want to keep pursuing it

shine on

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