Sunday, December 25, 2011

11 from 11...(albums)

So many albums made that it's virtually impossible to hear them all !!!

And even going through the blognoscenti end of year lists you feel a bit left out and out of touch, seeing stuff you've never heard from artists you don't even recognize.

Then again, theres people who will have never heard these albums and even if they had would think they're shit.

Oh well...there's just no accounting for some people's taste :) So if you're looking for indie pop crap or rock guitars you better skedaddle right now, cos mostly all your gonna find here is electronic noodlings of various description.

And with that, in no particular order and without trawling the hard drives for other stuff from this year or sucking down more stuff i have yet to hear, heres a selection in no particular order of albums that held together over the course of their playlists enough for me to play them again and again...

Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour

Real musos playing real instruments with a real vocalist who can really sing some real songs and engineered by an ex dubstepper who can really twiddle the knobs to sublime effect makes for a refreshing change.

Kuedo - Severant

Pinch and Shackleton - self titled

Post dubstep...whatever that means, sees 3 heavy hitters form the first wave create lullaby instrumentals to de stress and nod off to in the dark after a long days doing whatever it is you do during the long days that you need winding down from before sleep takes you to wherever it is sleep takes you in the dark.

Rustie - Glass Swords

Yep Yep stupid stupid fresh fresh good time bounce around the lounge busting your new fangled groove to some crunchy beats and an old school analogue synth sound palette.

Zed Bias - Biasonic hotsauce, Birth of the nanocloud

Breakstep/Dubstep pioneer and O.G UK garagehead gives us the remix and new buzz treatment tied together by some mad scientist vocal shizz. A trans genre jump up booty shaker for people who can jump up and shake booty.

lol - me me

Hard to put a finger on what it is I like about this apart from everything. Gives creedence to Simon Reynolds - Retromania in as much as it's a present day summation of everything thats gone before without looking to the future. Big proggy rock sounding electronica.

Active Child - You are all I see

Ever wondered what an American castrato sounding ex choirboy singing deeply heartfelt lyrics might sound like over ethereal electronica ? Wonder no more. It shouldn't work but it so does.

Collie Buddz - Playback EP

Paleface ragamuffin par excellence from an artist who, though limited by the boundaries of the genre, still manages to add value to every release. Pretty fly for a white guy and if you didn't know, you probably wouldn't pick it.

Mungo's HiFi - Forward Ever

KISS...Keep it simple stupid. No flash basslines, no clever beats, just good old fashioned reggae rhythm section and tasty accompaniments in cleaner than clean digital fashion rounded out by some top drawer vocalists.

Yelawolf - Radioactive

Breakthrough rap artist of the year. Offensive, potty mouthed, speed fuelled white trash rapping in double fast time. Not everyones cup of tea but fuck it, i'm diggin it. Eminem did well to sign a clone who took his steez to the next level.

Angel - 7 minutes before time

UK R'n'B that lays waste to the tried and true boring Eurotrance inspired offerings the likes of Jason DeRulo, Usher, Chris Brown and Ne Yo served up this year. Dudes got the potential to blow up large and probably will.


Funny how they're mostly all guys though...what can i say ? There's a dearth of ladies making electronica ?

Must be time for another selection of ladies to look forward to in the new year.


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Gorj said...

Hey mate great post. This is the heaviest shit ive heard this year and its all free download!